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How to use Vendor Lookup in SaasAnt Transactions (Online) ?

It is a very common problem that  the file used to import your Vendor (Supplier) transactions ( Bill, Bill Payments , Checks & etc.) may not contain exact Vendor names as QuickBooks Online. It could be due to following scenarios.

  1. The file is generated by 3rd party app which does not follow the same name as QuickBooks Online.
  2. The file is manually created. But we don't follow the same name as QuickBooks Online due to our business.

This Vendor Lookup feature will be very helpful if you run into above issues.

You need to follow the below simple steps to match your own Vendor names with QuickBooks Names.

  1. Navigate to Import Settings  ( Settings Menu >> Import Settings).
  2. Click On "Vendor" and click on "Lookup" Tab.
  3. Download the Sample template and update your Vendor details with QuickBooks Names. 
  4. Upload the updated file. 

How does it work ?

Once you have imported the lookup details, Our app will find the Vendor details from the lookup and replace it with QuickBooks Name while sending data to QuickBook Servers.

File Reference: It contains the names as per your file.

QuickBooks Reference: It contains equivalent Vendor Display Name from QuickBooks.


1. What will happen if i have the same name in QuickBooks and Lookup table(File Reference) ?

Our app first tries to find a match from your QuickBooks . If it does not find the proper Vendor, then it will check your Lookup data. So if you have same names, it will take name from QuickBooks rather than Lookup.

2. Can I delete all my lookup data ?

Yes. You can. Click on "More" button on the same screen and select "Clear" option.

3. Can I download my lookup data ?

Yes.You Can. Click on "More" button on the same screen and select "Download" option.

4.  Can I delete / edit   one of my  lookup data ?

Yes.You Can.Use GRID filters to find the lookup and click on "Delete" or "Edit"

 5. Can I just add one more  lookup data ?

Yes. You can.Click on "More" button on the same screen and select "Add" option.

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